Best Occupational Therapy Continuing Education Subscriptions

If your state license is coming up for renewal, you need CE hours – FAST! Of course, expending the least amount of cash to get the hours completed is also a top priority!

So what is the very best and most efficient way to get high-quality continuing education credits without breaking the bank?

Purchase one of the best occupational therapy continuing education subscriptions! For one low yearly fee, you can take as many courses as you like.

As an occupational therapist, I can tell you I have a long list of interests and OT CEU courses that I would like to take. But when it comes right down to it, time is a limiting factor.

In this article, I will discuss my top three choices for unlimited occupational therapy CEUs. I have subscribed to each of these programs at one time or another so I can speak with experience on all of them.

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Best Occupational Therapy Continuing Education Subscriptions

There is no shortage of continuing education courses available to occupational therapy professionals.

However, the most efficient and cost-effective way to check off the requirements for license renewal is to purchase a subscription for unlimited OT continuing education.

Here are the three occupational therapy continuing education subscriptions that I think are the best when it comes to pricing, variety of courses, and access.

1.Medbridge Education

3.Summit Education

Let’s take an in-depth look at each one.

MedBridge Education

Medbridge Education

Medbridge is my number one choice for occupational therapy courses due to the value that is packed into its subscriptions.

A Medbridge subscription has many advantages over the other subscription platforms. Let’s break down the pros and cons of this online continuing education program.


Enormous course catalog with a variety of courses in all areas of practice including pediatrics, home health, geriatrics, pelvic health, neuro, mental health, acute care and outpatient.

HIgh-quality courses with some of the best-known presenters in healthcare.

Evidence based practice and extensive research references are incorporated into all courses.

Professional development courses on clinical and administrative topics.

Medbridge is an AOTA approved course provider.

Premium membership offering that includes patient handouts and a home exercise program builder.

Unlimited access to thousands of recorded courses, live webinars, and advanced certifications throughout the year.

Automatic reporting of CE courses to CE Broker

Premium plan: $275 with code KGOT – save $150

Education plan: $225 with code KGOT – save $150


This subscription is higher priced than other options, however, the value is unbelievable if you factor in the sheer number of available courses. Online patient portal and mobile app, certifications.

A limited number of live courses are offered, so if your state requires live CEUs, you may need to plan ahead to ensure you achieve all the live hours you need. is a fantastic bargain for unlimited online courses that are AOTA approved.

Over 500 courses in 30 topic areas ensure that you will find something that piques your interest.

Unlike other multidisciplinary subscription platforms, all courses offered in this subscription are relevant to occupational therapy practice.


Outstanding price point for hundreds of evidence based occupational therapy continuing education courses.

AOTA approved OT CEU courses.

Course formats include live webinar, video, and text courses.

This is a no-frills unlimited CEUs subscription platform that offers great value for the investment.

$99 for a full year of unlimited access to AOTA approved OT courses.


A limited number of courses compared to the Medbridge subscription plan.

LIve webinars are infrequent so you must plan ahead if your state requires live CE courses.

Summit Education

Summit Education Subscription

Summit is unique in that they offer hundreds of live, in-person courses each year across the United States. In addition, they offer recorded courses, live monthly webinars, and text-based courses.

There are three levels of annual continuing education subscriptions offered.

Online courses only $249.99

Virtual courses including all online recorded OT CEU courses and live webinars $279.99

All Access subscription includes unlimited CEUs including all online content as well as unlimited access to live, in-person CEU courses $299.99.


Quite possibly the best value available for unlimited live, in-person CEU courses.

Between the live webinars and the live in-person courses, you will never have a problem meeting the live course requirement if your state requires it.


Unless you need live CE courses, this subscription may cost more than you need to spend.

Limited number of courses as compared to Medbridge.


If you are an occupational therapy professional in need of continuing education courses, you won’t be disappointed by choosing any of the subscription options discussed here.

All three continuing education options offer AOTA CEUs, evidence based strategies, and an extensive knowledge base for improving your clinical practice.

The choice comes down to how many live vs. online credits you need to meet your state licensing requirements and how much time you have to take the live courses before your occupational therapy license renewal deadline.

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