11 Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia 2022

Do you suffer from metatarsalgia? If so, you know how painful and frustrating it can be. There are many different shoes on the market that claim to help with metatarsal pain, but which ones are really the best?

In this blog post, we will discuss the best shoes for metatarsalgia and provide a list of our top picks. We will also talk about the symptoms of metatarsalgia and how to treat it.

What are the best shoes for metatarsalgia?

If you suffer from metatarsalgia, it is important to choose shoes that are comfortable and provide arch support.

You may also want to consider shoes with a wide toe box, as this can help reduce pressure on the metatarsal bones.

Choose shoes with cushioning and shock absorption to help dissipate forces when walking or standing.

Here are our top picks for the best shoes for metatarsalgia:

1. Orthofeet Women’s Athletic Sneakers

Our number one rated best shoes for metatarsalgia are the Orthofeet women’s athletic sneakers.

A strong combination of features makes these orthopedic walking shoes ideal for foot pain relief.

Our Pick

Orthofeet Women’s Athletic Sneakers

Stretchable fabric means these shoes are ultra comfortable even if you have wide feet or bunions.

Orthotic insoles and extra cushioning to decrease pressure on the metatarsal heads.

-A roomy toe box prevents aggravation or metatarsal pain.

-An arch booster provides extra arch support.

2. Brooks Glycerin Running Shoe

While our number two pick is a running shoe, you won’t be disappointed if you just use them for running errands. This is by far the best running shoe for foot pain, including metatarsalgia.

Our Pick
Brooks Glycerin Running Shoe

Brooks Glycerin Running Shoe

Ultra soft and plush, these are the perfect shoes to relieve foot pain.

-The mesh fabric upper and internal stretch liner move with your feet and provide excellent support and comfort while relieving metatarsalgia pain.

-This shoe has received the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance for promoting foot health.

3.Hoka One Bondi 7

The Hoka One Bondi 7 is an excellent running shoe and one of the best shoes for metatarsalgia.

Our Pick

Hoka One Bondi 7

Breathable textile lining

-Removable padded insole

Wide toe box gives ample room for metatarsal bones

-Reviewers rave about arch support and comfort even when wearing it all day.

4.Orthofeet Charlotte Slipper

Walking barefoot can increase your pain if you suffer from metatarsalgia. Check out these slippers from Orthofeet If you’re looking for something comfortable to wear around the house to relieve foot pain due to metatarsalgia. These are not your typical slippers!

Our Pick

Orthofeet Charlotte Slipper

-Enhanced arch support

Premium insoles

-Plush cushioned footbed

-60-day money-back guarantee

5.Orthofeet Chattanooga Maryjane

This shoe is a little more stylish than athletic shoes while still providing pain relief. These are extremely comfortable shoes for anyone dealing with metatarsal issues, morton’s neuroma, or plantar fasciitis.

Our Pick

Orthofeet Chattanooga Mary Jane

Wide toe box and removable insoles leave room for a custom orthotic insole

-thicker hard rocker sole provides excellent stability and ease when walking.

-Superior cushioning

6.Dansko Women’s Waterproof Sneaker

If you are looking for a walking shoe that offers outstanding stability, support, and foot pain relief, Dansko walking shoes are a sure bet.

Our Pick

Dansko Women’s Waterproof Sneaker

lightweight with great arch support

wider toe box prevents excess pressure on metatarsal region

removable insole to accommodate custom orthotics

waterproof leather upper and slip-resistant outsole

7.Orthofeet Waterproof Boots

These excellent and stylish metatarsalgia shoes offer warmth and comfort during the cold winter months.

Our Pick

Orthofeet Waterproof Boots

extra foam padding for superior comfort

wide toe box relieves metatarsal pressure

adjustable arch support for a custom fit

waterproof upper

8.Keen Presidio Shoes

This stylish and comfortable shoe looks great and helps to relieve foot pain due to metatarsalgia.

Our Pick

Keen Presidio Shoes

cushioned collar at the ankle to improve stability of ankle bones

-high-density removable shock-absorbing insoles

-enhanced arch support

-non-marking outsole

9.Orthofeet Paloma Sandals

Look no further if you’re searching for sandals that won’t aggravate your metatarsalgia symptoms. This pick from Orthofeet offers comfort and a versatile style.

Our Pick
Orthofeet Paloma Sandals

Orthofeet Paloma Sandals

-cushioned ergonomic sole provides extra support for metatarsal bones

arch support with arch booster

rocker sole that offers shock absorption and ease of walking

-may be worn as professional shoes or dress shoes

10.Mizuno Wave Inspire Running Shoes

This model of running shoe from Mizuno boasts some unique features that will help to relieve metatarsalgia pain.

Our Pick
Mizuno Wave Inspire Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Inspire Running Shoes

-special plate in sole of shoe that disperses impact forces to improve comfort and stability and relieve foot pain

enhanced shock absorption

-lightweight and breathable knit upper for comfort

-available in a wide variety of fun colors

11.New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Sneaker

These running shoes by New Balance have a solid list of features that make them great for people suffering from metatarsalgia.

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam Running Shoe

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Running Shoe

-running shoes with lightweight and supportive footbed

-socklike mesh upper

enhanced foam cushioning helps relieve foot pain

deep heel cup for a no-slip fit

Our Pick

What is Metatarsalgia?

Metatarsalgia is a condition that causes pain and inflammation in the metatarsal region of the foot. The metatarsals are the long bones in the foot that connect to the toes.

Foot pain caused by metatarsalgia can be intense, but it can usually be treated with simple home remedies and rest. Wearing comfortable shoes with good cushioning can also relieve metatarsalgia pain.

What Are the Causes of Metatarsalgia?

This condition is often caused by repetitive stress on the metatarsals, such as from running or other high-impact activities. It can also be caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes that put excess strain on the metatarsal area of the foot.

Wearing shoes with a narrow toe box

Wearing high heels

Wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose

Participating in sports or activities that require running or jumping

What are the Symptoms of Metatarsalgia?

The symptoms of metatarsalgia include:

Ball of foot pain that can feel like burning, aching, or stabbing

Pain, numbness, or tingling in your toes.

Foot pain that increases when walking, running, or standing, especially when barefoot or on a hard surface.

Ball of foot pain that decreases with rest

Some people report that it feels like walking with a pebble in their shoe.

How is Metatarsalgia Treated?

Metatarsalgia can usually be treated with simple strategies.

Home remedies such as rest and ice can relieve symptoms such as burning pain and numbness and help to decrease inflammation around the metatarsal bones.

Avoid conditions that increase your pain such as wearing high heels, standing for long periods of time, walking or running on hard surfaces.

The best shoes for metatarsalgia are cushioned, have a wide toe box, have good arch support, and are comfortable.

Custom orthotics can also be helpful in relieving metatarsalgia pain by providing support and cushioning for the metatarsal area.

In some cases, metatarsalgia may require medical treatment. If home remedies and changes in footwear do not relieve your symptoms, see a doctor. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy or injections to relieve your symptoms.

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